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AntSports $100 Early Draft 7 FFL

Signup for the 2013 season.

Teams cost $100.

There are no other fees. Unlimited transactions are included in the entry fee.

AntSports $100 Early Draft 7 FFL Details
League Homepage : AntSports $100 Early Draft 7 FFL
League Access :This league is a public league.
League Size :10
League Type : $100 Money League
League Prize : $100 - 10 Team Prizes Payouts
Draft Type : Re-Draft (No keepers)
Draft Start : ASAP
League Style : Head-to-Head Victory Point League Scoring™
Trade Method :Trading is Allowed
Roster Size :16
Starting Lineup(s) : 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR/TE 1 PK 1 DT
1 QB 1 RB 4 WR/TE 1 PK 1 DT
Scoring System : High Performance Scoring
1 pt / 10 yards Rushing/Receiving TD = 6
1 pt / 20 yards Passing TD = 4 INT = -1
1 pt / Reception, Decimal Scoring
Waiver System : Blind Bidding ($100 of bidding bucks)
Playoffs :Weeks 14-16, 6 team Playoff, 4 team Consolation Bowl.
Established :2005
Comments : 

Franchise Team StatusAction
the jackholes Payment Received Confirmed
Valtor Payment Received Confirmed
One More and I Gotta Go Payment Received Confirmed
GatorGuy Payment Received Confirmed
Rtexpress Payment Received Confirmed
LOS PERROS LOCOS Payment Received Confirmed
BUDBLITZ Payment Received Confirmed
Hot for Teacher Payment Received Confirmed
Why So Serious? Payment Received Confirmed
Taco's Team Payment Received Confirmed

Some Notes :

  • If your team status is "Unknown", it means AntSports has NOT received any information about your team returning for the 2013 season.

  • Please update your team's status so I'll know if your playing. The earlier I know how many teams are playing this season, the quicker I can find replacements and get the league ready for 2013.

  • To activate your team, select the "Update Team Status" button. Then, on the next page enter your password. When prompted, choose "Yes, I'm returning this year". If you do not want to pay right now, one of the options is "Pay Later".

  • If you don't want to play this season, click on the "Update Team Status", put your password in, and select "No, I am NOT returning this season"

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