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Basketball Bracket Challenge Contest


AntSports Free Draft Challenge 2013
Total Draft Challenge Entries: 854

Draft Challenge signups are closed.

AntSports Draft Challenge - Determine who is the best drafter at AntSports.

View Previous Draft Challenge Winners

More Prizes than ever! Now, Prizes from 1st to 99th place!

  2013 Prizes :
  • 1st : $500 AntSports Money League Franchise and a 26" Tall Football Winners Trophy
  • 2nd : $250 AntSports Money League Franchise.
  • 3rd : $100 AntSports Money League Franchise.
  • 4st - 10th : $50 AntSports Money League Franchise
  • 11th - 99th : $5 AntSports Credit

Who can enter? Anyone can, it's free.

AntSports users with one or more paid leagues get 2 entries in the draft contest.
AntSports users that are not league members get 1 entry. Note, signup only once. When leagues are created, the computer will automaticly give you 2 entries if you have a paid league.

Signup today. Drafts start every day, starting on Thur, Aug 15th. Aug 19th will be the last day to join. Everyone will be placed from the signup list into their drafts randomly.

Rules :

  • 12 Team Drafts
  • HP Scoring
  • Starting Lineup : 1 QB 1 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 PK 1 DT + 1 flex player RB/WR
  • 22 Rounds Draft
  • No Roster Restrictions, so draft carefully. If you end up with no DT or PK that's the way it goes.
  • 12 hour time limit. If your team goes on computer control, I will not reset it.
  • No Free Agents or Trading. You have to draft good enough for your team to make it thru the entire contest.

The Draft : To make the contest fair for all, any league that has 4 teams on computer control in Round 3 will be disqualified. If that happens, call me. I will remove the computer control teams, add new franchises, re-randomize the draft, and start over. The computer does not draft as good as fantasy players on AntSports.

Weekly Play :

You do not submit any lineups. There is no action needed. Each week, after the stats are calulated, the computer automaticly submits your optimal lineup.

The NFL season will be broken up into quarters as follows.

  • Q1 Regular Season Weeks 1-4
  • Q2 Regular Season Weeks 5-8
  • Q3 Regular Season Weeks 9-12
  • Q4 Playoffs - Weeks 13-16
  • Week 17 will not be used.
The standings will be by total points only.
Points are kept by quarter and are set to zero at the start of each quarter.

To make the playoffs :

  1. Your team must finish in the top 2 at least once in any quarter.
  2. If a franchise can get High Score of the Week (HSotW) twice during weeks 1-12, they make the playoffs.
  3. How many teams will make the playoffs per league? It's actually possible for all teams to make the playoffs from one league, but unlikely. Most likely there will be 4 or 5 teams per league that make the playoffs, as some teams will repeat in the top 2 per quarter. Some teams that got high score twice will already be in the playoffs.

Playoffs :

All playoff teams start at zero points. Play is the same as the regular season. Rosters stay as drafted. Week 16 is worth double points. Most total points wins. Ties will be broken by using total points for the entire year.

Reasons for the rules :

In AntSports leagues fantasy football playoffs are weeks 13-16. So, with this draft contest, like a real league, you may want to factor in drafting for the playoffs. Also, I made Week 16 worth double points to give extra weight to the Championship week. I broke the season into quarters because I wanted this free contest to give everyone hope to make the playoffs. If your team is doing bad, your team can still make a run in the last quarter and you'll have a shot at the playoffs. If you ever get HSotW, you only need 1 more HSotW to qualify for the playoffs.

I don't like contests where after a few weeks, you are out of it. In this contest, all teams are still in it until at least week 11.

AntSports EZ Auction :

Earlier last year, I tested out a computerized auction system. It's basicly an easy method to do auctions. You just order your players and enter a budget. If I have time (ha..), I really, really, really, want to add the option for teams to use my new EZ Auction to draft an extra team for the draft challenge. So, if I get it ready, this will be an additional entry into the draft challenge. Time will tell if I get it ready or not.

Steve --AntSports

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