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AntSports 14th year!
Fantasy Football at AntSports!

The Best site to play fantasy football on the internet!
AntSports is the home of over 900 Fantasy Football Leagues.
Fantasy Football at AntSports is a game of skill.

Tue 07/15: All Prize checks have been put into the mail.
Trophies are build, but not boxed. If you are a 2013 winner, you can update your Trophy Status
on your user page : Choose either 1) Have trophy mailed or 2) $16 credit for 2014 season.
AntSports WILL be opening for the 2014 soon.


  AntSports is SOLD OUT of all leagues for 2013. 

AntSports has the following fantasy football leagues available for the 2013 season:

Trophy Leagues

AntSports has established fantasy football leagues that you can join or you can join a new league. Our oldest public fantasy football league was founded in 1996. Our oldest private league was founded in 1992.

We have both redraft and keeper leagues using either Head-to-Head matchups or our Internet Exclusive Head-to-Head Victory Point League Scoring System™.

Win an Engraved 16" Trophy. Read more about trophy leagues.

  • $50 Money Leagues 70% Cash Back

  • $100 Money Leagues 72% Cash Back

  • $250 Money Leagues 77% Cash Back

  • $500 Money Leagues 82% Cash Back

  • $1000 Money Leagues 87% Cash Back

  • Are you good enough? Give one of our money fantasy football leagues a try. AntSports returns more than 85% of the cash back to the league. League rules and scoring are designed to take as much luck out of the game as possible, allowing the skilled fantasy owners to succeed. Cash prizes awarded to 1st - 4th place, Consolation Bowl, weekly prizes, a week 17 free-for-all and a playoff challenge.

    Join an AntSports league and you'll be playing fantasy football until the Superbowl!
    Read details here.

  • Head-to-Head Victory Point Leagues :

    AntSports Head-to-Head Victory Point League Scoring System™has been a huge success! We have created the most balanced, competitive, FAIR, and fun fantasy football leagues available anywhere on the Internet. What is H2HVP League Scoring? Click here!

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Fantasy Football at AntSports is a game of skill.
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